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TV series based on or inspired by feature films are not new, but they seem to have made a comeback in recent years, which, along with television, is now considered the hotbed of quality premium entertainment.

Currently on the air, we have TV shows based on movies such as “Westworld”, “The Mighty Ducks”, “The Karate Kid”, “Snowpiercer” and “Child’s Play”, and in the coming months, we will see small screen adaptations of “MacGruber”, “The Suicide Squad” (with John Cena reprising his role from that film in a spinoff series “Peacemaker”), “The Sandlot”, “John Wick”, “” White Men Can ‘t Jump “,” Cobra “,” Marley & Me “and” Dune “- to name just a few of the hundreds of projects underway.

Today, two more to add to the list: “Blade Runner” and “Point Break”.

On the heels of the “Alien” series they are doing at FX, Ridley Scott revealed that another of his films is also on TV.

Speaking to the BBC (via Variety) Monday, the director of “House of Gucci” said: “We [have already] wrote the pilot of ‘Blade Runner’ and the bible. So we are already presenting “Blade Runner” as a TV show, the first 10 hours. “

Scott did not say if the series would be linked to any of his “Blade Runner” films.

Meanwhile, the author of 1991’s “Point Break” said he has a series of sequels in the works.

W. Peter Iliff, who for years tried to get a sequel to the Patrick Swayze / Keanu Reeves classic off the ground, says Script Apart Podcast that the new series would focus on Reeves’ character’s daughter, Johnny Utah.

She is said to be a former athlete like her father – albeit an Olympic snowboarder as opposed to a footballer – who beats alcoholism to become an FBI agent.

“Johnny Utah is missing. His body has not been found. It is [been reported] dead for years. There is a mystery surrounding where he is, and you are going to find out – he is not dead. There is a bigger story evolving around that, as she gets involved in this eco-terrorist movement, which of course is now a big thing.

There are two sides to the movement. There are those who are trying to get companies to do what it takes to save our planet. And there are those who will put a gun in their hands and perhaps rob a bank to fund their most violent approach. The FBI is after these people. She’s sent to infiltrate this group and it’s the same thing: Which side of the badge are you on?

Alcon Entertainment, which released the “Point Break” films (the original and the 2015 remake), was not keen to fork out any money for the project after the last film failed at the box office.


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