Layton man shows Bengals pride in basement superfan

LAYTON, Utah –A Layton man, who is usually alone in Utah cheering on his favorite football team, was lucky enough to throw a Super Bowl party in his decorated Bengals basement.

Uniforms mean something in the Traum house. Joe Traum, a retired Air Force aircraft mechanic and master sergeant, has worn one his entire career.

On Sunday, he sported his other always-on uniform — one not often seen in Utah.

“There aren’t many of us here in Utah, I’ll tell you that,” Traum said with a laugh.

Traum is a Cincinnati Bengals fan, usually mocked for wearing orange and black in Beehive State.

“People laugh at me and they think it’s funny, but I tell them, I say, ‘Well, that’s where I was born and raised,'” he said. .

Originally from Ohio, Traum has lived in Utah for more than three decades. Over the past 10 years, he’s transformed his basement into a Bengals oasis in the middle of a football wasteland.

Around the room, it displays Bengals jerseys, banners, posters, photos and even a pool table chandelier.

The Bengals’ ultimate man cave has proven to be the perfect venue for the Super Bowl.

Usually a lone wolf – or should we say, a tiger – Traum was surrounded by a room full of people to help him cheer on his beloved Bengals.

Despite the loss, Traum was happy his team made it to the Super Bowl.

“They had a great year, and it’s been a very successful year,” Traum said. “We didn’t expect them to be here, so yes. So this is all gravy.

And he got to show off his Cincy pride, as well as his awesome superfan setup, to all of his friends.

“I’m just glad we can all get together, have a good time,” Traum said. “That’s really what it’s all about, it’s friendships and just having people, having a good time.”

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