Utah’s economy is making a strong comeback, but workers still need


SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Economic experts tell ABC 4 that the state’s economy has almost fully recovered from what it was before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, however, it still remains thousands of jobs open with no one to fill them.

The state is in a fantastic place, but the pandemic still leaves people wondering if they want to re-enter the workforce.

The Pie Hole in downtown Salt Lake City has increased its salaries by nearly 100% to attract more employees to fill its declining staff.

Thousands of Utahns are still out of work during the pandemic, but there are signs everywhere that now point to the hiring of the local sushi restaurant at the pizzeria.

“It’s a bit of a revolving door,” said Damon Larsen, shift supervisor at Pie Hole.

The Pie Hole is going through the revolving door right now.

Late-night hot spot is sorely understaffed since the start of the pandemic.

“Things have changed with the pay rise so I have a feeling a lot of people are going to stay,” Larsen said.

Now the pay raise at Pie Hole is about double what it used to be.

Employees used to earn minimum wage at $ 11 an hour, but now start at $ 17 an hour and can earn more in a managerial position.

Larsen said the change rekindled his love for the job.

“It was kind of in the air, but now it’s like I have some stability and I’m comfortable and happy with my paychecks,” Larsen said.

Paychecks linked to the unemployment pandemic stopped arriving for the Utahns in June and nationwide it ended on Monday.

“There was a small gamble that played out for the state of Utah in this regard,” said Mark Knold, economic director of the Utah Workforce Department.

Knold said the economy was in a good position ahead of COVID since Utah is the country’s youngest state by median age, and the economy here has reopened before most other states.

He clarified that this helped propel the workforce to where it was almost before COVID.

A flood of jobs has opened up and you don’t get a flood of people coming back to the workforce, ”Knold said. “It takes longer for people to connect to the job market. “

Knold adds that COVID concerns and child care issues are keeping people from entering the workforce.

Utah’s unemployment rate is 2.7% according to the Utah Department of Workforce Services; before the pandemic, it was 2.5%.

Knold added that lower-skilled, lower-paying jobs have increased their wages because they need workers and they need to stay competitive.

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