World television day: from Alpviram to Anupamaa, 5 shows that paved the way


There is hardly any human being whose day does not end without watching television. This little box has been successful in entertaining for a long time and continues to do so. When the world was in a period of transition, we moved from radio to television where you could see moving images that attracted a lot of people. Then slowly, the content presented there also greatly entertained the viewers. But do you know today, that is, November 21 is celebrated as World Television Day?

The day is celebrated to recognize the growing importance and impact of television on society and the capacity for decision-making. The low impact on each person worsens a major shift in ideas and can greatly influence world politics. From being invented by a 21 year old guy named Philo Taylor Farnsworth II of Utah to becoming the biggest news source globally, the growth of television appears to be increasing. While in lockdown, television helped keep us sane by showing old shows. But over time, some shows were seen as innovative. Let’s take a look here:

Alpviram: A television show that aired on Sony TV in India in 1998. Produced by Shobhana Desai, the show was produced by veteran director Vipul Shah and starred Pallavi Joshi and Amir Bashir in the lead roles. The plot revolves around a girl Amrita who is raped while she was in a coma. This leads to unwanted pregnancy, which cannot be terminated and how it affects the lives of loved ones.

Shanti: Aired on DD National in 1994, then aired on Indian television channel STAR Plus, the series stars Mandira Bedi as Shanti. The story begins with two friends from the country’s biggest Bollywood production house. Kamesh Mahadevan and Rajesh Singh are writers, directors and producers who live in the lavish Shanti mansion with their respective families. Behind the walls of Shanti Mansion hide the dark secrets of the two friends.

Buzz log: The first drama series in Hindi. It is the story of a middle class Indian family from the 1980s and their daily struggles and aspirations. At the end of each episode, veteran Hindi film actor Ashok Kumar discussed the history and current situations with the audience using Hindi couplets and limericks.

Baden Achhe Lagte Hain: The show explored the lives of Priya Sharma (Sakshi Tanwar) and Ram Kapoor. They accidentally discover love after getting married. The series was considered far ahead of its time as it shows the love story of a mature couple. The couple were in their forties, then finding love fascinated audiences more.

Anupamaa: The show attracts attention because it shows the journey of a married woman who is taken for granted by her husband, her children. She is upset when she learns about her husband’s extra-martial affair. From making important decisions to creating her own identity, Anupama is loved by the public.

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